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2018-2017 // OLDER NEWS


DEC 31, 2018


Simulacrum wishes all of our supporters a happy new year for 2019! Even though we have been a little lazy posting news onto our website, we have been on fire on our social media channels with weekly video diaries of how the new album is progressing, so please remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube for killer content. We embedded our YouTube video diary playlist here for you to easily watch all the little video teasers of the material we have been working on.





MAY 2, 2018


We will be doing a headliner show at FHMF Club in Saaristobaari, Turku on the 25th of May! The warmup for the evening is the brilliant Fireproven! It will probably be the last show of the year before we fully immerse ourselves on completing the upcoming album. We will be doing 4 new songs so all of you crazy prog metal fans out there who have an opportunity to attend the club, we highly recommend you to do so ;)




FEBRUARY 23, 2018


We have opened up a YouTube account for the band and the guys are committed to producing each a video per month so there is going to be a lot of cool stuff uploading weekly! Follow us HERE for all the updates!




NOVEMBER 19, 2017


Here is a video of our new drummer 'Tatu Turunen' rehearsing a song that will be featured on our next album \m/




AUGUST 28, 2017


On today it is two years since our critically acclaimed album 'Sky Divided' was released. To celebrate the date we recorded and filmed a new live version of our song 'Behind the Belt of Orion' with the 2017 lineup. Enjoy!




APRIL 26, 2017


Finnish progressive metal band Simulacrum recruited a new amazing drummer, Tatu Turunen for their upcoming third album and live shows. The band decided to change drummers because of scheduling problems and no drama was involved. Simulacrum acknowledges the awesome work Henri Kallio did on the album Sky Divided and pays him the homage he deserves. Henri's playing will definitely be heard in the future regarding various projects!

Tatu Turunen is known for his work with Autere and Jack Over Kings and he has artist deals with F-MusicYamahaSabianProMark and Evans. He comments: "I'm very pleased by this new assignment and I'm really looking forward to all the challenges these guys throw at me throughout the years to come!"



Tatu's musical roots lay heavily in acts such as PanteraSlayerMegadeth and Lamb Of God, but he is excited in how playing progressive music could take him to new levels as a musician. Take a look at his brutally accurate and metal-infused playing style from this Sky Divided live video recorded and videoed in May 2017 at the Simulacrum rehearsal studio. This clip also features the band's second singer Erik Kraemer on an official recording for the first time!




APRIL 26, 2017


Today we had a vocal practice at the Simulacrum rehearsal space. Both Niklas and Erik have an equal amount of lead and harmony parts live and sometimes it is good to focus just on rehearsing the vocals without the rest of the band disturbing \m/




MARCH 23, 2017


Simulacrum has a new drummer for album number III... Here is a little teaser of the band rehearsing 'Behind the Belt of Orion' from their 'Sky Divided' album \m/ An official statement will follow in the near future of who he is and why the band decided to change their drummer.